"Hi, I'm Sher..."

On any given day when you walk into Sher's Bridal, you may hear those words spoken by the one and only, Sher Stumler. 

In fact, Sher has been introducing herself as the owner of Sher's Bridal for almost 50 years. 

The first time Sher introduced herself as the owner of Sher's Bridal was on Christmas Eve night in 1973, one week before the store was set to open. A woman had knocked on the door in hopes of finding a gown for her daughter. That night, Sher had sold her first gown. Sher's mom told her this was a good sign (and all these years later, we have to agree). 

309 N. Evergreen Rd., Louisville, KY 40243

502.244.9493 | shersbridal@twc.com

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We are looking for an enthusiastic and passionate sales consultant to join the Sher's Bridal Family!

If you have experience selling high-end retail, this may be the perfect fit for you.

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