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Trending: Barn Weddings

There is something about a barn wedding, isn’t there? We have seen many brides do them, but all have been different in some way. Barn weddings lend brides the ability to be creative. It can be rustically romantic, with low lighting in the early evening, using the suns natural light to set a soft tone on sunflower filled mason jars. It can be glamorous by hanging trickling lights from the inside of the barn to illuminate you and your guests. It can be simple and subtle, with baby’s breath adorning your bouquet as well as a soft white accent around the barn creating an ethereal feel. The feel of the wedding plays into picking your gown, which is why we say to figure out a general vision of your wedding before going shopping. Though, if you can’t decide before shopping, pick your gown and use that as a frame for your vision.

Just as the feel of your wedding can be made from an infinite amount of choices, there are an infinite amount of dresses that could fit the look. Become okay with not trying everything on, when you find the one, you will know. Whether you try the gown on your very first trip or your fifth trip, you will find it, so have the conviction to say “yes” when you do. Also, remember to keep an open mind on your first trip. The gown you think is terrible on the hanger is most likely stunning when it’s actually being worn. When you put a gown on, point something out that you like about it, and if you can’t find anything you like about, point out what you don’t like. This will help you as you continue to try on gowns as you’ll begin to see a pattern. Maybe for the glamorous look, you like beading as it will catch the lighting and look stunning in pictures. For the rustic look, you may want a lace with clear beading throughout to pick up the natural light. Maybe you want a flowing gown for that ethereal look instead of a structured gown.

We want to encourage you to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Play with style and try on the dress with sleeves just because you haven’t seen it on. The best gown is the surprise because you didn’t know it was out there. Be open and you will find what you’re looking for. Don’t let the trend catch up with you, make it yours because after all, it is your big day.

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