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How Many Dresses is Too Many Dress

Oh, the age old question, can you actually try too many wedding gowns on? Our answer is yes.

Searching for a wedding gown is kind of like writing the perfect vows to echo to your fiancé on your wedding day. There are a lot of ways you can write those vows and there are many gowns that would fit the occasion, but then you write something that expresses what you feel perfectly. That is how you should feel when trying on your wedding gown. You should feel as if it fits YOU perfectly.

Now, we aren’t talking about the way it makes your waist or hips look because that will all be taken care of with a few alterations. Your wedding gown should fit your personality and it should fit the look of the wedding. Remember, you are the one planning your perfect day and that means that YOU have to choose the gown. What makes you feel good? What fit do you like best? A-line? Fit and flare? Mermaid?

I know, a lot of questions you say, but I only ask them because you are the only one that can answer them. You will not find your perfect dress if you take 12 people with you on your search, plain and simple. If you bring too many people with you on the search for your dress, you’ll only end up trying on every dress in the store because everyone has a different view of what they think you should wear. The truth is, it isn’t their wedding and therefore it isn’t their choice. So, be smart in choosing who goes with you to shop for your wedding gown. We suggest bringing no more than three people who you are extremely close with, who know your personality and your vision for the wedding. If you bring the people who know you best, you won’t have to fight the “try this on just because” battle. If you bring the people who know you best, you will try on gowns and find things that you like and dislike and that will narrow your search.

You don’t have to try on the whole store to know that you have found the right dress (you didn’t date everyone in the world before saying yes to your fiancé). Be confident in your decisions and know what you like. If you do that, you will find the gown you’ve been picturing.

So, how many dresses is too many to try on? There is no perfect number, there is only the feeling you get when you try on the right one. The feeling of confidence and beauty. When you find that, you’ve found the one, so don’t be afraid to say yes to the dress.

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