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To the Mother's of the Bride and Groom

First of all, let us say congratulations! We hope that you are excited for this journey that is a wedding for your son or daughter!

Second, take a deep breath because we know what you're thinking... what are you going to wear?

Let's be honest with each other, shopping for a Mother of the Bride or Groom dress is very difficult these days. We often hear of Mom's looking "frumpy" or even "matronly".

No matter your age, there is one thing for sure, you should feel beautiful and at ease. The dress you choose to wear to the wedding should compliment your features and should showcase your personal style you've spent years perfecting.

With that being said, we've compiled some pictures above of a few different styles and what body types they flatter! Keep in mind that everyone is shaped differently and we all wish something on our bodies was a little less or a little more. So, try on until you feel good and then look and try on more dresses with the same style you feel the best in. We repeat, TRY IT ON, you never know what it looks like on (and since we are being honest, some of the best dresses on look terrible on the hanger).

A few tips we have for you are also shared in the pictures captions, look out for them!

(The images used are from the Jade line that we carry in our store. This does not mean that we have every single dress pictured, but those pictured can always be specially ordered according to your measurements.)

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