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Sher and Heather Take on Market

First things first... Let us tell you a little bit about market because it is quite the enigma.

For weeks, designers create and create and then create even more dresses for their respective labels. Then, after they've created and edited, they take these beautiful creations and show them to thousands of bridal retailers to buy. From the early a.m. to the latest p.m., retailers dash around trying to see all the designers and all of the labels that they can in order to get the best of the best gowns for you.

So, that is exactly what Sher and Heather did, and it's for all of the wonderful ladies who enter our door. For those few days, Sher and Heather had endless appointments with labels to see the newest collections and then they went to watch the runway to see how the gowns look and move on a body. With Sher's 43 years of experience, she knows this process to a tee and has the eye to pick out the best gowns in a collection.

This past week, Sher and Heather were using their eyes to pick out what will be the finest of 2017 and they picked up a lot of new things. Among the list is a new special occasions gown designer, a new line that makes dresses for flower girls, a shoe line and more! They had so much fun doing what they do best at market and had the pleasure to see old friends while making new ones at the same time.

And of course, they can't wait for you to come into the store and see the new collections, coming soon!

Below are pictures from the New York and Atlanta markets Sher and Heather attended!

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