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#Sher'sBride: Jessica C.

"Growing up in East Tennessee, but living in Iowa, I needed to find middle ground to find “the dress”. After searching for hours in different cities that would be close to halfway so that my family and friends could participate, I kept coming back to Sher’s Bridal. I scheduled my appointment and made the journey to Louisville, Kentucky to have a girl’s weekend.

Immediately upon walking in, I noticed a rack with some very unique dresses on it, made a comment about how one of them was “different”, and then we made our way upstairs to try on dresses. I tried on over a dozen dresses, my girls and grandma holding up “Love It” or “Leave It” signs for each one. As we started to wrap things up, I asked for different and something unique. Brought to me, was the first dress I had noticed downstairs. I put it on and felt the feeling everyone said I would feel “this is it”. I walked out in front of the ladies, they were silent…the signs slowly came up “Love It” and we all felt the energy in the room, knowing this was the one."

-Jessica C.

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