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#Sher'sBride: Samantha S.

"In May of 2017 I walked into my appointment at Sher’s bridal a bashful, 5 months pregnant, fiancé. I was greeted with open arms, a supportive staff, and upbeat Sher. My first encounter with her is my absolute favorite memory. I had gone to other bridal shops before Sher’s and never found my dream dress but, that day at Sher’s I did. At 5 months pregnant I adored the dress. Fast forward to Jan of 2018, I came back for my first dress fitting and was greeted with the same lovely faces and welcoming smiles. The ladies in the boutique along with Sher are the most willing, patient, and informative people in the wedding business that I have ever met. They became like family to me and I looked forward to my monthly fittings. On the last fitting right before my wedding I hugged Sher and told her how much I appreciated everything she had done for me and told her I would miss these meetings, that still holds true to this day. Sher went above and beyond for me. Her staff and she answered all of my questions, always returned my calls, and were very polite whenever I had questions. The day before my wedding my mother picked up her dress from another alterations boutique and she was in tears. She thought her dress was ruined. She contacted Sher that day and asked if she could help. Sher told her to drop off her dress and she would see what she could do. Let’s just say Sher saved the day again and my mother’s dress. I have had the best experience with Sher’s. I highly recommend her shop to all brides to be. You will have a fun experience during all the chaos of wedding planning. Sher and her staff will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for all that you did for me, you made my wedding day perfect!"

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