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Sher's First Step Down the Aisle (to her store

A new year means a new us and a new us means that Sher’s is giving you the background of all things bridal. Sher Stumler (the owner of Sher’s Bridal) opened her business in the new year of 1973. That’s right 43 years in business… and here is how it all began…

Christmas Eve is an exciting time for many; for Sher Stumler, it was the beginning of her business. She was starting a brand new adventure that would ultimately begin with what some would call a stroke of luck. Though, Sher’s mother liked to call it Sher’s good omen. This good omen came in the form of a woman who knocked on the new bridal shop’s door on a cold Christmas Eve night. Unbeknownst to Sher, this woman would ask her to dress her granddaughter in one of the new gowns adorning Sher’s walls. Sher accepted the task and that night, before the store had opened, the business she had created was destined for success.

Over the course of the next 43 years, Sher would dress governor’s daughters, generations of families, and even possibly a woman who is reading this blog. Sher puts her everything into each and every bride that she has the opportunity to work with and that’s why her business will always be, if I do say so myself, among the greats. Sher’s service goes above and beyond to help every bride that walks through the door find her perfect wedding dress, because weddings are special. It is a day to be remembered, mostly by the bride and groom. It is a day to be taken slowly. Sher knew this when she started her business and she knew that to make the big day memorable, the experience leading up to it was meant to be joyous. Walking into Sher’s you will share smiles, a journey, and at the end of that journey, we hope a dress.

From one location to another, nothing has changed about Sher’s Bridal. I think every bride Sher has worked with would attest to this. This store is nothing without her and the bridal world in Louisville would be very different without Sher’s 43 years. That’s why we are starting this blog, to give you more knowledge and to hopefully help you in whatever way we can. Whether it is to help a bride going through the planning process or maybe her mother, sister, or best friend who wants to aid in the wedding, maybe even if you’re just interested in reading about Sher’s story, stick around and take your journey with us.

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