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Alright ladies, let’s talk about a belt. Not the one that you slide through the loops of your jeans, but the one you tie, or button, on your middle in order to cinch in your waist. Not only can it help show off your curves, but it can also add some embellishment to a dress or even add your own touch to the dress of your dreams.

In the shadow of a famous song we say: “If you like it, then you should put a belt on it…. Or should you?”

Adding a belt to a gown can be tricky. There are some gowns that just absolutely don’t need a belt, but you have to be able to distinguish this… especially for your body shape, so let’s start with that. If you’re short, you may not want to add a belt unless you are in an A-line gown or ball gown that already has a clearly defined waist. This is because a belt can potentially cut you in half making you look even shorter, which is what none of us want. Gowns with a silhouette that flow straight through the body are usually better for those of us who are shorter. This elongates the figure and doesn’t make the eye distracted by lines breaking up the gown. Though, if you do end up going with a clearly defined waist, try those belts on!

As for our brides who are taller… we usually suggest the same thing. Though, if you try on a gown that doesn’t have a defined waist, ask to try on a belt so that it does break up the dress a bit. This helps you add to the gown as sometimes the waist needs to be accented in order to make it look even smaller. The eye can get lost in a gown if it is simple throughout. Giving the eye more to look at can spice up your look and add just what you thought your gown was missing!

What your belt is embellished with is specifically up to you. Crystal and pearl are the usual beading accents, either used together or separately. Just make sure the width of the belt is cohesive of the dress and the shape of the belt flows accordingly. The shape of the belt is the most important aspect of choosing the right belt for your gown. Once you have figured out what shape and width of belt you like, turn to your dress to see how your belt should be beaded.

Mostly, have fun because choosing your gown is the best part and adding in your accessories takes it to the next level!

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